CAAD Theory: A Quantum City

| Elective course | CAAD Theory | What if cities are not connected in space and time? What if they are species in parallel universes, and You can easily talk to them.

Extensile | Robotic Workshop

Documentation and final installation of the outcome of a two week robotic workshop on May-June 2015. MAS sudents: Despoina Pippa, […]

project Anywhere

What if you, being here, could be a virtual presence anywhere? Project Anywhere is an intention to breach the limits […]

CAAD Tutorial: Game Engines

Towards a fully responsive design 051-0728-15L | Elective Course | CAAD Tutorial Have you ever dreamed of walking through one […]

Digital Baroque Island

Digital Baroque Island is an interactive speculative architectural installation with projection mapping and augmented reality based on Shakespeare’s Prospero. The […]

Rose Pavilion opening

The opening of the Rose Pavilion at the Polyterrasse of the ETH in Zurich will take place on July 23 […]

Probabilistic orchestra

At the end of the 10 days workshop, the MAS class put together a laptop orchestra and a live performance […]

MAS M3: Sound-coding

At the level of programming, time connotes differently when coding form than coding sound. Unlike architecture, the physical characteristics of […]

Sonix Terris Tories

Even more often than rooms, thoughts change the sounds around us and in ourselves. Our body is a reservoir, a […]


051-0732-14L Background Representations in arts and science, like paintings, engravings, but also photographs, always require a certain degree of abstraction. […]

Resinance 2.0

Resinance 2.0 is the successor of Resinance, realized six month after the first project. Its general system is building upon […]

Adaptive Soundscapes

What does the wall think it is?? Usually when we think about the sound of a built environment, we see […]


Resinance is part of an ongoing series, exploring the potential use of smart materials in an architectural context. It was […]


We are very happy with the results of our elective course students which have presented a broad variety of final […]


CAAD-Theory Whalfach: MANIFOLD. 051-0728-13 G
Responsive architecture: designing behaviours together with guest professor Winy Maas & T?F


CAAD Praxis: MORPHOSIS – smart materials and architecture together with guest professor Winy Maas & T?F introduction changed to: 25.02.2013 […]

Urban Grammars

  monstroCITY is the result of a 3-day group programming exercise, exploring Shape Grammar concepts in Processing.  Setup like a game […]


CAAD Praxis: CHINAWARE // Digital design + Material computation 051-0733-12L // Wahlfach HS 2012 In order to develop physical models […]

CAAD I HS 2012 on information

051-0713-00G | caad I | hs12

Jeder nutzt Computer. Jeder entwirft Systeme. Optimieren kann jeder mit den neuen Apparaten. Die Moderne ist monoton geworden. Die Postmoderne beliebig.

High Resolution

Meshgrammars in Processing.
Final results of the course CAAD THEORY | 051-0732-12L | WAHLFACH| FS12.


a self-sufficient architectural vision Phototropia is part of an ongoing series on the application of smart materials in an architectural […]

Patterned Machines

Patterned Machines is a project by Stelios Psaltis created as part of a research on coding at the MAS CAAD […]

new CAAD book

The new book about the CAAD post graduate program is available now. Beyond the Grid. A New Plateau! The next […]

monologue with K.L.

Monologue with Kristina Lenard is a project by Miro Roman created as part of a research on coding at the […]

Vertiefungskurs CAAD III

Der Vertiefungskurs CAAD III nimmt aus der Sicht des heutigen informationstechnischen Milieus verschiedene architekturtheoretische Haltungen in den Blick und untersucht […]

CAAD 1: on information

Jeder nutzt Computer. Jeder entwirft Systeme. Die Moderne ist monoton geworden. Die Postmoderne beliebig. Gerade wegen der Computer. Langeweile. Genau […]


SleepBox represents a contemporary and organic piece of furniture, designed for the demands of an increasingly urbanised environment. A sinuous […]


Kursinformation Informationstechnologien sind wichtiger Bestandteil heutiger Entwürfe und Baukonstruktionen. Die aktuelle Architektur der renommierten Büros ist ohne Informationstechnik nicht denkbar. […]