Mike Kadivar

  Mike is a cosmopolitan techpreneur, and a certified robotic designer with 13+ years of international experience and expertise in […]

Benjamin Dillenburger

Benjamin Dillenburger was a researcher and lecturer at the Chair for CAAD until 2014 with focus on computational architecture.

Hua Hao

Hua Hao was a researcher at the CAAD Chair of ETH between October 2009 and January 2014.

Michael Hansmeyer

Michael Hansmeyer was a researcher and lecturer in the CAAD group from 2008 to 2014.

Jinhyuk Choi

Jinhyuk Choi is a PhD researcher at the chair for CAAD. He graduate from Hongik University, International Design School for Advanced […]

Li Li

An amateur programmer dealing with embedded system, used to be an architecture student and willing to be a craftsman armed […]

Manuel Kretzer

Manuel Kretzer is responsible for coordinating and leading the postgraduate Master of Advanced Studies class’s digital design and production modules.

Mathias Bernhard

Mathias Bernhard is a researcher at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design, where he is currently writing his PhD thesis. He is involved with a research group which explores Systemabililty of buildings.