CAAD Theory: Spectral Architectonics FS 2018

Towards new abstractions in architectural modeling

052-0628-18G | Elective course | CAAD Theory



The main topic of this course is the notion of computational models in architecture, or how we can conceive architectural models and operate with them by means of computers. The challenge we are facing today with the so called “geometry” constantly projected on our screens is the very intuition and confidence it gives us that we know what our models are about and what computers are good for in architecture.
This course introduces a novel perspective to think about computational models in architecture. One that positions them within the broader context of mathematical and computational modeling and challenges them beyond the intuition. To get an idea how to challenge them, we will engage with a broad body of knowledge—including early analytic philosophy, computability and probability theory, formal logic, quantum physics, abstract algebra, computer graphics, glossematics (algebraic theory of language) and machine learning—and get introduced to their perspectives on modeling the world. This will help us reach another level of abstraction, from which the notion of architectural model could be reconsidered and expanded.


participation min. 10 motivated students
dates Mondays, 13:00–15:00
introduction Monday, 19 February 2018
place Chair for CAAD, HIB E 15                        
course tutor Nikola Marinčić