063-0716-19L | Vertiefungskurs | CAAD III


this course celebrates the abundance of movies available online and the machine intelligence to operate them. we will deal with hundreds of thousands of frames from hundreds of movies in order to construct personal and vivid panoramas. our goal is twofold: to cultivate the programmatic operation of a lot of frames and dialogues extracted from movies, and to put together printable artifacts that render an architectural articulation relevant to another course from your curriculum. there are no special requirements to join the course.

the programming language and environment of our choice is python and jupyter notebook, they are both open source, as well as all the needed packages.

participation : minimum 10 students
dates : mondays 10:00 – 12:00
introduction : monday 18.2.2019 11:00  10:00
place : chair for caad, hib e16 hcp e47.2
tutor : jorge orozco
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