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The CAAD group presented two recent digital fabrication projects at the Materializing Exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts. The group exhibition is curated by Yusuke Oono and Taichi Sunayama.
Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer presented a 1:3 scale gilded 3D printed prototype of the Digital Grotesque project, and Hironori Yoshida presented Digitized Grain, an example of ScanToProduction. In the latter project, 16 digitized grain planks were erected, emulating an artificial forest as well as demonstrating applications in living environments.

Digital Grotesque 1:3 :
Materialization: 3D printed sandstone, 0.14mm resolution
Dimensions: 120 x 115 x 60cm, 350kg
Source geometry: 80 million surfaces, generated using subdivision & mesh grammars
Gilding: Thank you to Maria Smigielska, Yuko Ishizu, and Akihiko Tanigaito

Digitized Grain :
Materialization: Scanning timber texture to image processing to generating motion path for fabricating with 7axis robotic arm, all done in a Processing code
Dimensions: 300 X 30 X 1.5, 16 planks, 130 kg

Project partners:
Giacomo Cantoni, Pietro Pagliaro

Hua Hao, Mathias Bernhard, Jessica In, David Schildberger, Demetris Shammas, Achilleas Xydis, Akihiko Tanigaito, Nan Jiang, Alessandro Tellini, Daniel Bachmann, Alessandro Mason


Venue: Materializing Exhibition / Chinretsukan Gallery / Tokyo University of the Arts
Dates: June 8th to June 23th, 2013

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