CAAD Theory: Spectral Architectonics

The main topic of this course is the notion of computational models in architecture, or how we can conceive architectural models and operate with them by means of computers.

Probabilistic orchestra

At the end of the 10 days workshop, the MAS class put together a laptop orchestra and a live performance […]

MAS M3: Sound-coding

At the level of programming, time connotes differently when coding form than coding sound. Unlike architecture, the physical characteristics of […]

Sonix Terris Tories

Even more often than rooms, thoughts change the sounds around us and in ourselves. Our body is a reservoir, a […]

Adaptive Soundscapes

What does the wall think it is?? Usually when we think about the sound of a built environment, we see […]

Nikola Marinčić

Nikola Marinčić is a postdoctoral researcher at the chair for Computer-Aided Architectural Design at ETH Zurich.