Caad ski weekend 2019

25 – 27 January 2019 @ Pizol/Pardiel (SG) We are returning to the eastern part of the Alps for our […]

Caad ski weekend 2018

19 – 21 January 2018 @ Pizol/Pardiel (SG) This year we’re moving to the eastern part of the Alps for […]

CAAD ski weekend 2017

27 – 29 January 2017 @ Andermatt (UR) It is time again to pack our bags for our traditional weekend […]

CAAD ski weekend 2016

Just in time with the snow we will make our way to the Alps. Andermatt is this year’s destination.

CAAD ski weekend 2015

Winter has finally arrived. Let’s find some pistes in the Alps and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.

CAAD ski weekend 2014

It might feel like spring but let’s not rush it. First we need to go and enjoy some snow in the Alps…

CAAD ski weekend 2013

The snow has arrived! It’s time to get ready to move to the mountains and have some fun on the slopes…

CAAD I HS 2012 on information

051-0713-00G | caad I | hs12

Jeder nutzt Computer. Jeder entwirft Systeme. Optimieren kann jeder mit den neuen Apparaten. Die Moderne ist monoton geworden. Die Postmoderne beliebig.

Pierre Cutellic

Pierre is currently PhD Fellow at the CAAD chair of ETH ITA Zürich since October 2016. His research proposal focuses […]

Mario Guala

Mario Guala is project coordinator at the Chair for CAAD.