051-0732-14L Background Representations in arts and science, like paintings, engravings, but also photographs, always require a certain degree of abstraction. […]

Resinance 2.0

Resinance 2.0 is the successor of Resinance, realized six month after the first project. Its general system is building upon […]

ALIVE2013 – Teaser

ALIVE2013 was hosted at the Chair for CAAD, ETH Zürich on July, 8th 2013. Speakers included: Prof. Ludger Hovestadt (ETH […]

Pictures from ALIVE2013

Pictures of the ALIVE2013 symposium on adaptive architecture, held at the Chair for CAAD on July 8th 2013, are now […]


Resinance is part of an ongoing series, exploring the potential use of smart materials in an architectural context. It was […]

Lecture: Relational Textiles

When: 13.03.13 // 13:00 – 14:00 Where: Chair for CAAD, HPZ Floor F Delia Dumitrescu : Relational Textiles The relationship […]


CAAD Praxis: MORPHOSIS – smart materials and architecture together with guest professor Winy Maas & T?F introduction changed to: 25.02.2013 […]

Animated Textiles Workshop

Animated Textiles was a five-day workshop held at the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås from Sept. […]


CAAD Praxis: CHINAWARE // Digital design + Material computation 051-0733-12L // Wahlfach HS 2012 In order to develop physical models […]


The Chair for CAAD launches materiability research network. The materiability research network is a joint initiative based at the Chair […]

Material Matters

The 2010 MAS Thesis project “ShapeShift” by Edyta Augustynowicz, Sofia Georgakopoulou, Dino Rossi, Stefanie Sixt has been published in “Material […]


a self-sufficient architectural vision Phototropia is part of an ongoing series on the application of smart materials in an architectural […]

Autonomous Materials

Manuel is invited to present his research at the Inspiring Matter Conference on Monday, 02.04.12, 2:20pm and to do a lecture […]

London Trip

From Jan. 16 – 20, 2012 the CAAD MAS class will do a trip to London.

Floater at Passagen, Cologne

Floater and Chick ‘n’ Egg Chair are presented, among other works of responsive design studio at the Passagen, Cologne from Jan. 16. – 21. 2012.


Stoffe werden gefunden, gesammelt und bearbeitet, wie vorgefunden. Holz, Stein, Lehm, Wolle, Wasser. Schlagen, brechen, brennen, sägen, fügen, weben. Die elementare Ordnung wird kontempliert.

Actuated Matter Workshop

The Actuated Matter workshop explored the application of smart materials and their ability to transform space into responsive, adaptive environments.

Michael Hansmeyer

Michael Hansmeyer was a researcher and lecturer in the CAAD group from 2008 to 2014.

Manuel Kretzer

Manuel Kretzer is responsible for coordinating and leading the postgraduate Master of Advanced Studies class’s digital design and production modules.

Mathias Bernhard

Mathias Bernhard is a researcher at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design, where he is currently writing his PhD thesis. He is involved with a research group which explores Systemabililty of buildings.