Woven Column

Das Projekt „Woven Column“, erforscht das Potential von 3D Druck für Architektur.


CAAD-Theory Whalfach: MANIFOLD. 051-0728-13 G
Responsive architecture: designing behaviours together with guest professor Winy Maas & T?F

Urban Grammars

  monstroCITY is the result of a 3-day group programming exercise, exploring Shape Grammar concepts in Processing.  Setup like a game […]


Symposium from 01. – 02 September 2012.
Workshop from 27. – 31.August 2012.

High Resolution

Meshgrammars in Processing.
Final results of the course CAAD THEORY | 051-0732-12L | WAHLFACH| FS12.

CAAD Lectures in China

  In May 2012, the Chair for CAAD met with faculty and administrators at several leading universities in China. Benjamin […]

Teahouse 2.0 Workshop with NCTU Taiwan

Joint workshop “Teahouse 2.0” in the Spring of 2012 with NCTU Institute of Architecture and ETH CAAD , which explore a new threshold of computational design and digital fabrication in the realm of education.

Keisuke Toyoda, Noiz Architects

Keisuke Toyoda is co-founder and director of Noiz architects, a Tokyo-based firm that is at the forefront of computational design and digital fabrication in Asia.

Mesh Grammars: Studies for a Dome

How can one create a highly articulated architecture using a novel method of folding? We design a series of domes by folding a surface over and over again, using a dynamic process entitled mesh grammars.

CAAD 1: on information

Jeder nutzt Computer. Jeder entwirft Systeme. Die Moderne ist monoton geworden. Die Postmoderne beliebig. Gerade wegen der Computer. Langeweile. Genau […]


Kursinformation Informationstechnologien sind wichtiger Bestandteil heutiger Entwürfe und Baukonstruktionen. Die aktuelle Architektur der renommierten Büros ist ohne Informationstechnik nicht denkbar. […]

Benjamin Dillenburger

Benjamin Dillenburger was a researcher and lecturer at the Chair for CAAD until 2014 with focus on computational architecture.

Thomas Schmalfeldt

Thomas is a Ph.D. student, working part time at the chair of “Computer Aided Architectural Design” at the Federal Institute […]