Alexander Hahn: The Artist’s Studio as Encryption Lab


Alexander Hahn is one of the most distinguished Swiss video pioneers, has continued to push the frontiers of electronic media art, both in content and technology. His videos, computer generated images and installations conjure up the ephemeral realm between the visible world of phenomena and the invisible domain of the mind. The recipient of many awards, his work has been exhibited in major contemporary art museums and festivals worldwide. He lives and works in Zürich and New York.

The starting point in the artist’s introduction to his work is a digital 3D model of his tenement apartment in New York’s Lower East Side. In this rendered reality, the neighborhood, once teeming with Eastern European immigrants, becomes the doorway to a palace of memory with ever-changing vistas into microscopic and macroscopic dimensions free from the binds of gravity and linear time. By seamlessly weaving together places near and distant, past and present, personal biography and cultural history, fact and fiction, the artist is creating a world of ciphers that transfigure the diminutive one bedroom apartment and turn it into a giant encryption machine.

WED 01 OCT 2014 17:00 HPZ F