Actuated Matter Workshop

Workshop on Responsive Materials

Zurich University of the Arts
In collaboration with with Loop Design
July 25-29 2011

The Actuated Matter workshop explored the application of smart materials and their ability to transform space into responsive, adaptive environments. We developed a speculative model for membrane structures that exhibit properties of sensitivity, resilience, and decay. By physically engaging with the behaviours of active materials, we experimented with the threshold between the electronic and mechanic, the analog and the digital. The workshop followed a do-it-yourself approach and resulted in the development of sonic, luminous and moving modules that will populate and activate the environment. This workshop was part of a recent research initiative called “Emotive Environments”.

Lead Project Designers:
MA. Dipl.- Ing. (arch) Karmen Franinovic
Mag. Art. Florian Wile
Interaction Design group, DDE, Zurich University of the Arts

Mathias Gmachl, Rachel Wingfield
Loop.pH design studio

Dipl.- Ing. (arch) Manuel Kretzer
Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design, ITA, ETH, Zürich

Dr. Nat. Sci. Daniel Bisig
Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology, DMU, Zurich University of the Arts

Project Collaborators:     
Katrin Bächli, Urban Bieri, Szilveszter Buzasi, Allison Dryer, Luke Franzke, Laura Kaehr, Moritz Kemper, Roman Kirschner, Jorge Orozco, Barbara Peikert, Margrit Rieben, Maria Smigielska, Andrés Villa Torres, Silvan Zurbruegg,

Additional Credit:                       
Romano Kirschbaumer and Jorge Ellert (Ulano Corp.), Christa Jordi (EMPA)