Lecture: A Quantum City

A Quantum City

A Quantum City, “or how to master the generic”

18.07.2013. Lunch talk by Diana Alvarez-Marin, Miro Roman
Location: Value Lab Asia, Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore

What if cities are not connected in space and time? You easily can talk to them. Just by taking a phone for example. But they are species in parallel universes.

This is a city guide for architects who are bored by the generic. For those, who do not want to follow the numbers and the clichés. But it is not simple either, what this guide is promising, could be perhaps another cliché. In fact we are bored by the everything of our world. Everything the same. all the same engagement, the analytics, the numbers, the design, the empathy. This guide tries to open the anything of the world. No judgement, no engagement, no control. Just a visit. We do not know what to expect. Maybe our thinking and our technology can help, maybe not. We will gain an enormous freedom by that. The anyworld is what attracts us. The everyworld is what we want to leave. The every can be explicated, analyzed, summed up. It is restricted by the instruments you use.

You are leaving time and space, but you do not have to stop thinking. It is rather the other way around. You think this is a kind of paradox? Yes! Sure! But this is what quantum and information technology is about. If you try to fix a quantum, it is dead. If you try to fix an piece of information, it is dead. But if you keep them alive you can talk to anybody on our planet, wherever she is, whatever you want to talk about. Without any cable. Just with this tiny little thing in your pocket. No structural or spatial restrictions. That is magic for any mechanical thinking. That is magic for any thermodynamic thinking. It is not for quantum thinking. This is, what the ground is like in the anyworld. It is an abstract view to our planet out of space and out of time. Open up towards parallel universes. Open up to the beautiful cities out there.

18.07.2013. Diana Alvarez-Marin, Miro Roman: A Quantum City “or how to master the generic” from ETH CAAD Lectures on Vimeo.