new CAAD book

The new book about the CAAD post graduate program is available now. Beyond the Grid. A New Plateau! The next […]

CAAD ski weekend 2012

3rd – 5th February Blatten/Lauchernalp

Stella Azariadi: ‘That was a fantastic ski weekend with the best company! I miss the fairytale scene of Blatten already…’

monologue with K.L.

Monologue with Kristina Lenard is a project by Miro Roman created as part of a research on coding at the […]

Zurich International School at CAAD

7th grade students from the Zurich International School payed a visit to the Faculty of Architecture at ETH Zurich, and one stop was the Chair for CAAD.

Wireless Sensor Network Module

CAAD – Embeddedlab Wireless Sensor Network Module is a remote control system based on Arduino, Ethernet W5100 and RFM12 wireless […]